1. Bring water shoes

There is dead coral all over the first few meters when you walk into the ocean. The ocean is clean and absolutely beautiful (of course) so you will definitely go for a swim. The only negative I could think of was the pain walking out.

  1. Grab a Maldivian for Dinner

The staff at ClubMed Kani is great. They are very friendly and accommodating. It’s not unusual to see staff members sitting with vacationers during lunch and dinner. The best thing is that the staff is brutally honest about EVERYTHING. So grab a Maldivian and pick his brain about his life, culture and his ClubMed experience. (I use ‘his’ in this sentence because no female Maldivians work at ClubMed)

  1. Stay on top of the Activities

Certain days are reserved for certain activities. For instance, if you want to play football and no one is around, so instead you just get drunk at the bar. Yet there may be a football competition later that afternoon, now you’re wasted and can’t play. The daily activities are posted outside the dining area. Check it out. It makes the experience better. My recommendations are to go sailing and play football with the teenagers. Also every night they have a show and a group dance routine to help get the party started. Super corny but super fun.

  1. Eat Healthy

Some people have excuses not to eat healthy. “it’s too expensive” or “I don’t have the time” I get it; it’s not easy to eat healthy. But here at ClubMed it is. Skip the steaks, fries and cakes and grab a salad and some fruit. It’s a buffet so no excuses this time. And between you and me…..the food is only ‘ok’ so you’re not missing out. Be the start of a new trend of people who actually LOSE weight on holiday.

  1. 24 Hour Service/Kid Friendly

I was there with two couples. One had a baby boy; the other had a baby boy and one on the way. The staff was wonderful, happily surprising both couples. We could take food from the buffet for the kids later. And when one boy got sick at 3am the staff was right there with everything mom and dad needed. Since we’re on the topic of kids don’t be discouraged that there is no nanny service on the island. There is no day care or anything like that; you actually have to be a parent all the time. But it is very kid friendly, packed with activities and things to do.