Hello future readers and welcome to the best damn blog you’re ever going to read. Well…maybe not the best damn blog you’ll ever read but you have to love the enthusiasm. This particular article is designed to help you understand what we are all about. The AsianOasisblog has been created for a more earth conscience traveler. Now before you close our site and move on to Youtube for your daily dose of cats with Hitler mustaches or the latest celeb gossip; let me explain a few things.

The blog is divided into 2 sections. One section will focus on environment and the other will focus on culture. We aim to inform the populace about eco-friendly travel; about traveling in a more socially responsible and environmentally friendly way. What does that even mean you ask? We have no idea…just kidding. The articles will be informative, funny and enjoyable. We promise not to make you feel bad about the way you live your life or focus on the demise of humanity.

In the culture section you can learn about the local life and customs of various countries so you don’t make easily avoidable social blunders; like ordering beef with nam hoi instead of nam mahn hoi in a Thai restaurant, so embarrassing.

The environment section will focus on the negative impact of tourism and some simple solutions to negate, or hopefully reverse, that impact.

          You will learn some things from us and we hope to learn from you. So don’t be afraid to comment on our articles; whether positive or negative all comments are welcome. We encourage our readers to ask questions as well; we’ll gladly guess or Google the answer for you no problem. Tell us how you travel in an eco-conscious way and learn how others are currently doing it.  Read about how we travel and learn about (queue sales pitch) the programs we offer; because paying a Nana bar fine doesn’t count as charity.

So in between the museums, temples, beaches and sampling the local cuisine why not give a little back to the country that is giving you so much.