The birth place of Rama II, Amphawa has been known for its floating market since the 1760s. Local Thais and Expats, along with droves of tourists flock to this khlong market to do some shopping, romancing, eating, and photo taking.

Amphawa is very easy to get to. My wife and I drove there; we just headed towards Hua Hin and looked for signs. There were plenty of them, and not many twists or turns. If you don’t have a car you can grab a bus at Victory Monument or you can go to the southern bus station and take the bus to Sumut Songkhram and then song taow to Amphawa. The ride should be less than 2 hours. And if you want to stay overnight (so many cute B and B’s there) book ahead on the weekends.

Once I arrived in Amphawa I loved it. It’s a cute little Thai town and a great escape from Bangkok. The only thing is that it is packed with people. But unlike Thai roadways the congestion moves quite efficiently and people are very friendly. The place offers good souvenirs; it’s the usual stuff but much better and less cheesy than Khao San Road. The t-shirts are cool; I grabbed a few to send home. Also the photos you come back with are priceless.

After we walked around for a bit we grabbed a seat on the edge of the khlong. I ordered a bit of a sampler; a small dish of everything they had along with two beer Leos. I recommend the clams. The food was cheap and tasted great; but remember they wash all cooking utensils in the khlong, which is a sewer. Everyone who has been there has come home without dysentery so I guess it’s sanitary. Amphawa has great people watching and is very relaxing. Perfect place for a date but no heels ladies, it’s a walking day.

I didn’t want to take a boat around the khlongs but I did see one boat that offered foot massages while transporting you through the town. That looked like a great idea, will have to do that next time.