I believe that one of the favorite activities of many people is going for shopping.  In Thailand, there are a lot of shopping malls and department stores where ones can shop all day long. For those who are looking for something other than modern air-conditioned shopping malls, flea market or ‘Talaad Nad’ in Thai is a great option. I love Talaad Nad for its variety of goods and as we know…bargaining is fun!

Sanam Luang Sunday Market in the past Photo credit: topicstock/pantip.com

Sanam Luang Sunday Market in the past
Photo credit: topicstock/pantip.com

Talaad Nad are usually held  in some location at certain period of the week or month.  As I could remember, the biggest Talaad Nad in Bangkok that was the market fair at Sanam Luang or Pra Meru Ground. It opened at Sanam Luang between 1957 and 1982 before it was moved to Jatuchak district and became an internationally famous weekend market (the reason for the change of location is Sanam Luang is indeed a place where state or royal ceremonies were held). Nowadays, shoppers can find myriad of products at Jatujak market such as clothing, foods, fruits, plants, furniture, jewelry, home decor items, books,electronic appliances, hardware tools or even pets.

Art Box exhibition market, new trend of flea market in the heart of Bangkok

Art Box exhibition market, a trendy flea market in the heart of Bangkok

In Bangkok, Talaad Nad has turned into a stylish gathering place for young city dwellers.  Art box – Exhibition Market is one of many new trendy flea markets where young vendors selling goods in modified cargo containers instead of canvas umbrellas or tents. The market focuses on arts and modern lifestyle. Many vendors put their creativity and ideas in their design and production of thee goods to attract customers. For example, a vendor sells his soft drink in a saline bag while another offers fruit jelly in plastic syringe.

you will see this soft drink  bags at Art Box Exhibition Market

Soft drink in saline bags at Art Box Exhibition Market

The Art – Exhibition market offers a variety of goods such as foods, drinks, DIY home decoration items and clothing. The market’s food section also has western food including hot dogs, burgers, pizza and seafood dinner. The market even organizes a mini concert to entertain the shoppers.  It looks like a fun meeting place on the weekend for me.  The market opens from Friday to Sunday in a parking lot next to Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok.

Vintage Furniture shop at Siam Gypsy Junction Market

Vintage Furniture shop at Siam Gypsy Junction Market

The other market with a unique concept is Siam Gypsy Junction Market.  This vintage theme market is located beneath the Bang Sorn BTS train station.  The owner of the market wants this market to be a place for people who love of arts and antiques.  The shopping area has two zones; open air and shop units.  This is a place to go  if you are looking for vintage decoration items for your home. It is worth visiting the market and chat with friendly shop owners who are enthusiastic to show you their collection of wooden vintage wardrobes, arm chairs and desks.

Photos for wall decorations are on sales at Siam Gypsy Junction Market by the photographer himself

Photographers show his work at Siam Gypsy Junction Market.

Local artists and photographers also display and sell their arts. You can also sign up for a pottery class with the artistsc.  The market opens from Tuesday to Sunday in late afternoon until late night.