Dictionary.com defines ‘tree house’ as:

‘a small house, especially one for children to play in, built or placed up in the branches of a tree’

Wow. You learn something new every day. I always thought it was defined as:

‘a place to hide from your friend’s parents while you two smoked pot and looked at Playboy

Either way, tree houses are cool.

I stayed in Northern Thailand with some local tribes a while back and fell in love with the simple eco-friendly housing. It was so relaxing and also not the normal every day holiday. Not just the house though; the entire ‘one with nature’ aspect was enthralling. So I searched for my next adventure and quickly found it; in Costa Rica.

Living in a tree house is cool but the novelty will wear off after awhile. So the best thing about these tree house resorts is that they all have adventure tours.

These tree house resorts are packed with zip lines, trekking, rafting and even safaris. Nature is stunning, no questions about it. Lying in a hammock reading your latest novel on your brand new Kindle with a local brew in hand is lovely. But sometimes you need to get your heart pumping.

I want to wake up to local birds chirping; then throw a rock at the birds because they woke me up. After that I want to eat a locally grown and harvested healthy breakfast, followed by a breathtaking trek, a canoe trip down the river, and end the day by catching my own dinner deep sea fishing. What a day; what an experience. And that is the experience that these resorts offer; not just a swimming pool and over priced club sandwiches like some “resorts”.

Supporting these types of resorts is important in itself. These places are offering something remarkable alongside something sustainable. The entire set up has Mother Earth in mind.

I remember when I was up in northern Thailand and I asked for a toothpick, the staff just reached over the balcony and grabbed a big thorn off of a nearby tree. It was wonderful and smart and so Swiss Family Robinson, but unfortunately without the coconut grenades.

The food is grown locally and helps support the local farmers and families. Also fresh food isn’t always on the menu back home so it’s good to see how the human race is suppose to eat. Energy use is at a minimum; solar panels or candles are the usual source of power, and typically cell phones don’t work.

Now this all seems like too much for some people. Walking…doing stuff…bugs…I get it. These trips aren’t for everyone. But actually they are.

All of the adventure tours can be scaled down according to age, obesity, or just plain laziness. So everyone is invited! Hooray! But the obese people may have to buy two tickets on the plane so budget accordingly.

One website I stumbled upon got me really excited. www.fincabellavista.net is a tree house adventure with this tagline:

“providing an experience for humans to dwell, interact, and grow within the treetop realm, we remain committed to being stewards of this land and our environment.”

Now I’m not exactly sure what that means but I haven’t seen ‘realm’ and ‘dwell’ in the same sentence since Lord of the Rings. And that movie was awesome.

So anyways; I’m going to re-watch Swiss Family Robinson, Castaway, and season 1 of Lost  just to get in the right mind set for my next adventure. A tree house adventure in Costa Rica! Damn I love being an adult who never grew up.

Thanks for reading,

Edward Mulvagh

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