Traffic in Bangkok is horrible. Too many cars, crazy bus drivers and most importantly…no rules of the road. This isn’t too much of a problem for me because I have a motorcycle and a motorbike. I breeze through rush hour traffic; occasionally clipping side mirrors, and frequently risking my life.

Motorbikes can be super scary but they use little gas, take up little space, and are very convenient in Bangkok traffic.

My wife, on the other hand, has to drive everywhere. Even when she sits in hour long traffic on her way home from work she still won’t take a motorbike. Her commute to and from work would be less than ten minutes by motorbike. Sometimes it takes her an hour; that’s crazy and the air con is running the whole time. And when I tell her to take a bike she looks at me in disgust. Her friends are no different.

So on my recent trip to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam; I was so happy to see girls…on motorbikes. And I’m not talking about poor or under privileged girls; business women, shop owners and even beautiful girls were all riding motorbikes. Fantastic.

Motorbikes alleviate traffic, lower gas usage, are quicker, easier and far more dangerous than any other mode of transport. I wonder; how I can get some Bangkok women to ride bikes? I wonder; what is the difference between Hanoi business women and Bangkok business women? Some will say Bangkok has busier roads; true. But as I sat 5 floors up at Center Point Bar enjoying a pint with a buddy observing traffic; Hanoi is just as dangerous as Bangkok and both countries are filled with girls who hate the sun.

I just like the ideology of Vietnamese women to not care about all of that stuff and realize that riding a bike is just a smarter mode of transport in these type of cities; in all types actually. In Paris you will see business women riding scooters all over the city.

Come on Bangkok women. You guys are strong, beautiful, smart, and savvy. You can ride in the city; I know it’s not HiSo (high society) to do it but Prius’ aren’t expensive cars and HiSo people drive them out of respect for the environment. This can be the same thing. Biker chicks can save the planet.

And don’t worry girls, you don’t need a new Nissan March or Honda Jazz because you can put all of your weird Hello Kitty/Doreamon stickers on a bike anyways.