In Gunter Grass’s classic novel The Tin Drum, he described how the new popularity of wristwatches impacted European society in the 1930s, “Humankind no sooner comes with a great invention than we become completely enslaved by it”.

You could say the same for the ubiquity of smartphones and other devices during the digital age of today. It’s the truth that we’ve become a slave to our devices.

Thais spend an average of nine hours on the internet daily. We also rank eighth in the world for time spent on social media.. at an average of over three hours each per day, these are some worrying, if not surprising stats! (According to a recent report released by Global Digital 2019)

Our dependence on these devices has created a culture of cell phone zombies swarming Bangkok’s malls and restaurants, and people who snub physical contact in favor of their phones (also fuelled by our rampant celebrity and influencer culture).

Even the unwilling are indoctrinated by unfettered advertising blasting from screens on the BTS, outside malls, and inside elevators. Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge that digital addiction is a very real problem.

Tapping into this emerging epidemic, a proactive digital retreat can tackle the issue by providing a cleanse and chance to unplug from the online world and reconnect with real life. Here are two of the best places we recommend you check out in Thailand.


Where: Lisu Lodge, Chiang Mai

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The Place: Nestled in the valley of lush mountains, this little oasis is situated in a secluded hill tribe community, and features charming cottages with stunning views of the surrounding rice fields.

Take a leisurely bike ride in the valley to a nearby organic tea plantation, its a lovely peaceful place to spend your afternoon and drink from their incredible tea selection! Activities here allow you to immerse with locals, get a hands-on experience of rich history, and actives you may have never tried before- none of which require any digital device or phone!





Where: Lanjia Lodge, Chiang Rai





The Place: Take in the early morning sunrise and practice mindfulness-based activities when you a weekend to kick back in Chiang Rai. In addition to a weekend of tranquil and mind-stimulating activities, a venture around the property might lead you to the community craft project where you can join Lanjia women as they make handcrafted, embroidery pieces, or on a nature walk through Lahu village past plantations, cornfields, and the morning chores of farmers. Your stay will include a delicious and healthy menu of Thai cuisine.


Detoxers will not only return home feeling refreshed but also with a new outlook on both their wellbeing and their devices they once held so near and dear.



For more information on these two properties, both run by Asian Oasis, please visit or contact us at + 66 888 097 047