It all starts with music, fireworks and food. And it goes on for a week with dancing, sweets and whiskey. This is what you call celebrating Chinese New Year in Lisu style!

You’ll probably ask yourself why we are celebrating Chinese New Year in Thailand because most of the Thai people are Buddhists. But not the Lisu people! They originally come from Tibet and believe in spiritualism.

During the last days, many people invited me to their houses to watch them make sticky rice and dance in the evening.

Everyone wore their traditional Lisu outfit, including me. One or two men played their musical instruments and all the children gathered around a tree and danced in circle. The tree symbolizes a spirit, which they are dancing for. There were sweets for the kids and whisky for the grown-ups. After a few songs and dances, all the Lisu people moved to the next house and started dancing again. It continued like this the whole night!

It is a beautiful moment when you are dancing, children are laughing and the fireworks explode in the sky above your head. The only problem about Chinese New Year in the Lisu Village is that you cannot sleep because of the fireworks and music all night. That’s why you just have to join them, dance and have a good time celebrating the New Year in the north of Thailand!

Maybe you’ll have time next year to visit the Lisu Lodge (usually held in late January or early February) and be part of this unique experience.