With my weeks in Chiang Mai coming to an end, it was nice to get some hands-on work experience in transferring the Himmapaan nursery of trees to the local school during the first week of July. There are about 30 different species of plants at the Himmapaan nursery, and the majority of them were moved successfully to the school. The process included carrying as many as possible to a pickup truck until we filled the whole truck with plants. It took about 2 loads on the pickup truck, but eventually the plants were completely moved. Khun Rachet, vice president of the HImmapaan Foundation, did leave a few species behind to have planted at the Himmapaan’s plot in the upcoming weeks.

While the work wasn’t strenuous, and only took about an hour per load to fill on the truck, the day was particularly entertaining as some of the children from the school came outside to help us unload the trees into a shaded area. The kids made an assembly line from the truck to the lot in the shade and moved the different species down the line to me, Zack, and Khun Rachet to divide according to species type. What I enjoyed about this part of the transfer was that the kids were very welcoming and in great spirits to help us. The culture surrounding the school is one that emphasizes cooperation as every student participated in the assembly line, even when we could have done the same amount of work in the same amount of time with probably half the students. But that isn’t the point, collaboration and inclusive cooperation was a common theme for each truckload we unloaded at the school.

I’m very excited to have the plants in a new safe location. With the progress we made in the last few weeks with the Information Sala design layout, the success of the Himmapaan transfer, and the landscape catalog of native plants that could outline a walking trail, a lot of my projects are coming full circle. The hardest part now in terms of the Himmapaan will just be to find the best way to get the access road to the new nursery location at Lisu Lodge without damaging too much of the rice field. Everything else is pretty much in place and shaping up to be a beautiful new additional layout to the lodge!