Ok; so I know the title is corny due to the fact that this is an article about a ship that sails around the world with a bookstore in it, with an overall program called Logos Hope. But I like it anyways.

The ship’s operated by GBA, a Christian group, which sails around the world giving cheap books to people. It’s cool. The ship is manned (and womaned of course) by about 400 people from all over the globe. The boat was here before (in 2009) but I was too busy going to Route 66 to care about a floating book store, so I missed it. The boat will be here for a few more weeks and it’s definitely something you should check out.

The boat is located in Klong Toei Port. (088-241-1343 for more info) Get there early, and make sure you have an umbrella (or parasol) because it’s super hot. People cue up about an hour before it opens and the fee is 20baht to enter. It’s quite crowded but not too bad. Books are cheap and good and range from toddler to adult, history to cooking etc. University kids can get textbooks for cheap. I bought a psychology, a sociology and a medical textbook. I’m far from Good Will Hunting but 3 great university texts for a total of 400baht was hard to pass up.

There is a video once you enter, that I skipped, to tell you about the boat and the mission. There is an updated prodigal son section, where he is hip and cool looking like a surfer, there is a bible section and a Christian section but they are small. Everyone is friendly, but you know they are only friendly to you because it will get them into heaven. That is why I like atheists who are nice to me. They are doing it without a catch. They have a café on board as well if you get hungry or thirsty.

I bought some good stuff; books for my students and books for myself. Reading isn’t a huge priority in Thailand so anytime books get celebrated or a bookstore catches hype I like it. I think you guys would like it too.