What is the meaning of passion, a well trodden word lost in its fragrance? I’m fascinated with the impact of this word, I see it in action from a child’s footprints in the sand, to local tribe villagers in the north of Thailand full of inner richness, entrepreneurship with another richness, my wife’s passion for country cooking, and my own pursuit to have an impact on this improvised life I’m living.

Sustainability, another real beauty when it comes to words, thrown in when wanting a sentence to sound profound and inspiring. What does sustainability really mean, sustain what? Performance? Relationships? Health? Environment? Community? the Economy?

I would love to hear from you, your thoughts, when have you been totally inspired, excited, passionate in what you do? How do you sustain this feeling/outcome? Lets assume life is a magnificent game, what role are you and how do you want to get the most out of it all?

My name is Bruce, a Kiwi with a background in performance psychology, wellness, facilitation, sustainable tourism, and co-founder of www.passionpulseretreats.com

So much talent and inspiration igniting this chaotic world we live, so lets hear from you, the more we can dare to share, the richer we become.