I have been sailing the bay of Phang Nga on board the “Suwan Macha” approximately one year ago and I must say, it was one of the best holiday experiences I ever had.

Of course, I was treated to it by Asian Oasis.  I am well aware that these journeys are not the cheapest you may ever embark on. So the question is “Can you go on a magical and ever so relaxing trip in Phuket for a cheaper price?”

The answer is oh, yes indeed you can! In Thailand, the beginning of April marks what we in tourism call a low season. People, who want to make it nicer, call it a “green season”. People who are not that well meaning or who want things to be very clear in a kind-of-black-and-white manner may simply call it a “rainy season”.

Of course the weather may not be so fine as it would be during the high season, between November and March. But there is a fairly good chance that you have good days with lots of sunshine. And since the bay of Phang Nga is a sheltered one, sailing here is relatively nice even though the weather would not be sunny every day.

On top of that, the hotel rates in Phuket plummet to 50% to 70% off the price, comparing to the high season. That means, if you are willing to gamble a bit, you could get a wonderful and inexpensive holiday with loads of tranquility and even more to see. So, if you have the right information about the beaches and make the right choice for your personal needs, I tell you, the Andaman Sea looks amazing, when the wind is a bit stronger and the clouds are chasing across the sky.

Dramatic scenery in low season

And by the way, if you have never seen a thunder storm rolling in from the open sea in the west, you have not been to the tropics.

Talking about beaches, let me give you some short advice on the ones that make sense during the low season and in connection with a Suwan Macha trip. Closest to the Yacht Haven Marina is Nai Yang Beach. Transfer time to the marina is 15 minutes.

There is a selection of hotels from luxury design resorts to local B&B hotels. You will also find a decent number of bars, restaurants or shops here. Some of them may close during low season but there is still a good variety. The beach is excellent, sheltered and shallow. It’s good for family with children.

Another good beach would be Kata Beach in the south of the island. Whereas the transfer takes a bit longer (approx. 1 hour), you will find an excellent infrastructure there, lots of restaurants, bars and shopping opportunities. The beach is an all- year- bathing beach, also good for children especially during low tide.

Nai Yang Beach- shallow and ideal for kids

Then there are Kamala and Patong beaches. Both are fully developed (Patpong is the epicenter of nightlife on Phuket) beaches that offer good conditions for swimming, especially when the tide is low. Transfer time from the two beaches to the marina is between one and one and a half hour.

Also nice are all the beaches on the east side of Phuket. These beaches may not be so great during the high season when the water is often very shallow but it is quite nice and peaceful during the low season. And you can take in the scenery of Phang Nga Bay. Therefore, there are many good reasons why you should give Phuket and Phang Nga bay a try in the low season.