I honestly believe that the term “land of endless possibilities” totally fits Thailand, at least when it comes to holidays.

Ask 100 people about their favourite place in the “Land of smiles” or their favourite things to do and you may as well get 100 different answers…or more. In my 20+ years in the tourism business, mostly spent in Southeast Asian destinations and most of that being Thailand, I have seen almost every corner of the country.

From the temples and green hills of the North to the brusque beauty of Isan and on to the beaches of the South, I have lived in Bangkok, seen the temples and the ruins. I went to the islands and I sure have been to every major tourist destinations. I have done roundtrips, National parks on land and sea and I had my feet in the sand on some of the most amazing beaches.

I have seen the popular places and some of the rather quiet as well.

Today, I want to share my favourite place with you and I already apologize for not giving away a special secret to you or a hidden gem.

The epitome of "peaceful"

I love Khao Lak.

There are so many reasons to go there that I really don’t know how to start. How about this. Without looking it up, I can name you 4 national parks that are in the close vicinity; the amazing Khao Sok, the divers and snorkellers paradise of the Similan Islands, the small but interesting Lam Ru and, of course, the magical bay of Phang Nga.

The fact that Khao Lak itself is part of a national park guarantees you no jet skies, which in itself is already a good point, why to go there!

Similan Island

Or how about this. If you count the quiet island of Koh Kho Khao, you easily come up to 40 kilometers of some of the best beaches in Thailand with absolutely stunning sunsets.

Or take this. Although Khao Lak (foremost South Beach, Nang Thong and Bang Niang) has a perfectly developed infrastructure with a broad variety of restaurants of all kinds, pubs, shops, bars and markets, it is still without all the negative side effects like huge shopping malls, GoGo Bars or discos.

It, therefore, is one of the most family friendly of all the beach destinations in Thailand.

There is a “soi sanook” with 2 beer bars, a ladyboy bar, a cabaret show and a bigger “club” available. But they are all more or less hidden, not announced by huge neon signs or done in a kind of almost “cute”, amateurish way. And if your travel agent tells you not to go there in low season although prices are marvellously cheap.

That was a point approximately 10 years ago. Shops and restaurants closed, hotel renovated, the weather was sometimes very rainy. The weather part would be the part that hasn’t changed. You just have to expect a few days of (heavy) rain or strong winds.

Off season can be quiet beautiful

But there are many restaurants that stay open even in the “rainy” season and offer a good variety of evening entertainment.

And if you take the “weather lottery”, Khao Lak will reward you with fresh air, low prices and a lot of heavenly calm and quiet.

Bring a good book, take long walks on empty beaches or just sit on the terrace of your hotel room and listen to nothing but the birds, the wind in palm trees and the sound of the surf on the sand.

I will be back there soon! Actually, I can hardly wait!

Sunny days in low-season