Sometimes ‘going green’ isn’t easy. You may have to buy a new car, erect solar panels on your roof or actually ride a bike to work. Not many people have the time or money to become more eco-friendly. Don’t worry, is here to help. One easy way to help your community, the environment and most importantly yourself is to support local grocers. Back home in the states we call these places ‘Mom and Pop Shops’, and these modest quaint shops maybe more important to us than we thought. I’ve listed 5 reasons why we all need to visit our local Mom and Pop.

Reason #1: Preservation

Shopping locally preserves the environment and lessens pollution by reducing the distance your goods have to travel to reach you. This cuts down a country’s dependence on oil, which is always a good thing, due to the thousands of miles goods have to travel. A country’s greenhouse gases also get reduced this way. Food travels far and leaves a huge carbon footprint. This is why mega supermarkets don’t have ‘seasons’ anymore. You can buy a strawberry year round! Sounds great, but it’s not worth it. Also when local farmland is profitable, because we are buying from them, then the farmer is less likely to demolish the farm and build a condo/shopping center, keeping the suburban areas less urban and more beautiful.

Reason #2: Local Economy

Buying goods from an overseas, or a non regional shop, causes most of the money you spend to get shipped back to the shop’s country of origin. Buying local allows the money to stay in the neighborhood. It creates a money cycle that flows through the hands of everyday people and not just corporations. Put it this way; your community is like a human body and money is like its blood. Blood travels around to different areas but always stays inside you. If you shop with a big supermarket it’s like having an opened wound; the blood flows out. More importantly a strong local economy will help you when there is a global collapse or recession; which is probably coming soon….Hello Greece! Have fun looking for a helping hand at a big supermarket chain.

Reason #3: Fresh Food

Due to the proximity of the local shop to the local farms/markets the food doesn’t have to be sprayed with chemicals to keep it fresh. Nor do the goods have to be wrapped in excessive amounts of plastic. It’s simple; locally produced food is often fresher because it can reach you faster.

Reason #4: Complaining/Gossip

It’s something we all do and love. We complain about everything and gossip about everyone. Your salon/barber shop isn’t the only place to chit chat and get up on the latest scandal. Also if you complain about a product in a big supermarket you have to email or write in, maybe you will get a ‘manager’. The best thing about a local shop is that you get to complain to the owner. No minimum wage manager who hates his job and is high on huffing paint. At your local grocer you can complain to the ‘CEO’ of the shop. It’s a place where people get heard…and then ignored. (Just kidding) The owner cares about costumers because they have to. In addition, it’s a great place for foreigners to practice the local language and immerse themselves a bit more in the culture.

Reason #5: Because you should, enough said. All rationale points to supporting your local grocer. It’s a real easy way to help out planet Earth and your health.

Thanks for reading,
Edward Mulvagh