Uo Nhomai (Steamed bamboo shoots)

This is a regional food that originates in northeastern Thailand. It is similar to another northeastern Thai dish called ‘Mok Nhomai’. The only difference is that U Nhomai is cooked in a pot or a wok while Mok Nhomai’s ingredients are put in banana leave container and cooked in a Thai steamer.

This Uo Nhomai recipe is slightly modified for people who do not have steamers. However, it still maintains the original taste.

Shredded bamboo shoots                                                                                                           1/2 Kg
Juice of Bai Ya Nang leaves (Tiliacora triandra diels)                                                    2 cups
Ground soaked sticky rice  (locally known as Khao Bia or Khao Baeu                     1/2 cup
Well cooked Thai style pickled fish (Pla Ra)                                                                         1 cup
If you do not have the pickled fish, you can use 4 table spoons of fish sauce.
Chopped meat (pork or chicken)
A handful bunch of Acacia pennata leaves (Cha Om)
Chilli paste (Ground Chilli peppers, shallots and garlic cloves)                                  1/2 cup


Heat up the wok (use low heat) and add chilli paste, a little bit of oil or water and meat. Stir it until it is slightly cooked. Then, heat up the pan a little bit more.  Add water from the pickled fish. When everything is boiled, add the shredded bamboo shoots and Bai Ya Nang juice. Stir it a little bit more and add Khao Bia. Then, you will start to see the juice thickening. Reduce the heat, put the lid on the wok and leave it for a couple minutes. Open the lid and stir it until it’s dry and thick. Add Cha Om leaves (Acacia pennata leave), stir it and put the lid on. Leave it for a minute and turn off the heat.

The dish is best served with steamed sticky rice.

If you do like the taste of pickled fish juice, you can use fish sauce or salt in stead. If you are vegetarian or on diet, you can remove the meat from the ingredients. This can be another healthy dish for you.