The Historical Park of Sri Satchanalai

When people talk about must-see attractions of Thailand, be sure that the Historical Parks at Ayutthaya and Sukothai will almost always be mentioned.

There are other sights in the kingdom that would also make the cut, including the River Kwai Bridge, the Grand Palace or Wat Pho. But then, there are some places that go rather unheard of (and maybe some of you have been to this particular place) that I want to talk about….and are not even really aware of it.

If you visit the beautiful and fascinating Historical Park of Sukothai – the first capital of Siam, the cradle of Thai culture – you may also visit another park in the neighboring city of Sri Satchanalai.

The small wonders of Sri Satchanarai

Like Sukothai, the Historical Park of Sri Satchanarai was opened in 1988 and added to the UNESCO World Heritage in 1991. So why did Sukothai get much more attention and why should you see Sri Satchanalai and give it a little more of your time? Of course, the significance of Sukothai for the history of Thailand is without a doubt far greater. The park was restored with great accuracy. It is very neat and extremely well thought through, with fun activities like cycling.

Sri Satchanarai covers a huge area with fewer ruins. What seems to be a disadvantage at first glance, in the end absolutely isn’t. The way many ruins here are left in a kind of natural state and the way the park is not that well designed gives it an almost “sacred” atmosphere. It seems much less like a man-made park. Rather, it looks like it is preserved by nature.


Look very closely

It is fascinating to turn corner after corner and have new views and panoramas opening up, rather than walking in a well orderly net of roads. This is not to say that Sri Satchanalai is any kind of an unorganized historical park. Certainly, the walkways in the park are properly designed and the descriptions about the structures are well written.

There is also a lot of green. You can hear birds singing and spot plants on the ruins, the stones and even the Buddhas, making the park looking in parts like it was just recently discovered.

So when you go to Sukothai, ask your guide for Sri Satchanalai and enjoy the peace of this uniquely beautiful park.