My name is Orawan. My family and I enjoy cooking, especially when we see a smile from people who enjoy our food. My family has been working on the Thai cuisine of the northeastern region, also know as ‘Isarn’ food. We try to remain true to the traditional flavor of Isarn food and at the same time develop our own recipe, which can be found in our restaurant ‘Kruo Chaisri’ or ‘Chaisri Isaan Home Cooking’.

Isarn food has a unique taste. Indeed, the food of this region will consist of steamed sticky rice, spicy chilly paste and a variety of local vegetables. Most Isarn food is not sweet or fatty. The best examples of Isarn food are Som Tum (papaya salad), Lap (spicy minced pork salad) and spicy soups. There’s no wonder why Isarn food is considered a healthy cuisine.

There is a variety of Isarn food in our restaurant, which is located in the beach town of Hua Hin, south of Bangkok. One of the most well known Isarn food that we serve here is Isarn sausage. And  would like to share the recipe with you.

Original recipe makes 4 to 5 servings

Ground pork                       1 kg
Garlic                                     100 gram
Fine ground pepper        1 table spoon
Salt                                         1 table spoon
Steam rice                           100 gram
Soy sauce                             2 table spoons
Sausage casing

Mix up ground pork, garlic, pepper, salt with your hands in a bowl. In another bowl, mix steam rice with soy sauce. Then add it to the mixed pork. Again, mix it together with your hands.

Wash sausage casing with water. Then put the mixed pork into the casing. You can make the size of each sausage the way you want. After all is done,  dry the sausages out in the sun.

Many sausages sold at the markets have a lot of fat. That is why it cannot be fried because the sausage skin will break in the hot oil. But for this recipe, you can choose to fry, bake or grill.