Phatthalung’s rich and unique culture is increasingly being recognized as a rare jewel in Thailand. This southern province is where abundant natural resources, a simple provincial way of life and long-cherished cultural heritage now await visitors.


Simple Rhythm of Life & World Class Wetlands

The pristine mornings at Khlong Pak Pra are a beautiful place to visit for those who are in search of the true gifts of nature.

Travellers can catch an early boat ride to get a glimpse of the famous traditional way of life of local fishermen that is portrayed by their “Yo’s” — the giant square fishnets afloat all along the canal so artistically that some say they look like live mural paintings.

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While the Yos are definitely drawing more visitors to Phatthalung, it is the “Kuan Kee Sian Noi (non-hunting) Wetlands” — that cannot be missed  — for it is also home to 187 species of birds, both native and migratory!

This is where Supaseak Opitakorn, nine years ago, opened the pioneering Wetland Camp, a homestay service that focuses on observing the healthy and serene nature in Kuan Kee Sian. Her guests are invited to join the daily 6-a.m. boat tour that will take them through rows of Yos, the swamp forest, and the Thale Noi Bird Sanctuary.

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Tending Water Buffaloes, Traditional Career of Ya Laem Swamp

For 19 years, Somjai Eng-Seng has been tending water buffaloes as a career, thanks to the province’s abundance of swamp grasses and the failed oil palm plantation business that has left the area with more open land.

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The area has been named the Land of Water Buffaloes due to the nearly year-round availability of water, which allows buffaloes to swim and dive to occasionally graze grasses underneath the water. A great sight to see as well in this under-visited region of Thailand!