Seoul? Kimchi? Soju? When I think of these I think of Korea. I also think of K-Pop, and 21 year old girls in short skirts, high socks and ties. But that is another article for another website…back to my point. Recently my friend took a trip to Seoul (his motherland) and when he returned all I heard was “Seoul this…”, “Seoul that…” Seoul, Seoul, Seoul. All sounded very interesting and inviting, so I started to research this paradise of a city.

Through all the stories (from my Korean/American friend) and self research I found that Korea is a top holiday destination. My friend is not an extremist or tree hugger in any way, but he tries to be aware of the environment while traveling; something I love.

One point he made, that was quite mysterious, was the underground world, underground world? What? Does he mean cock fights? Mafia? Or maybe something shady with the 21 year old girls I mentioned before? Then I remembered him talking about the complex metro system that went to every corner of Seoul…damn, I was hoping it was cock fights.

With 16 lines which include 9 urban lines for the millions of Seoul commuters alone, I now understand the comment “underground world”. There are well over 20 transfer points which hosts vendors, underground malls and shops that connect to all major department stores, Universities and popular venues. The whole city is connected not only through the metro system, but with WiFi access as well. All major stations are equipped with interactive LCD screens (probably playing K-Pop vids), lounging areas with botanical gardens (hell yeah), and mini marts. Eating, drinking and even house pets are allowed since the majority of the day is commuting or just enjoying the environment underground. Individual bins for recyclable rubbish are found everywhere too, something my home city of Bangkok is lacking.

My friend was telling me that even the coffee vending machines had cup containers attached to the side for used empty cups. I guess with having access to everything within walking distance or underground transportation there’s really no need for a car or motorcycle. Awesome for the environment; and for your wallet!

Seoul is definitely be an excellent travel destination with the variety of city parks, clean air, easy transport and all the outdoor sights within walking distance. Plus they have K-Pop…and maybe underground cock fights; I’ll keep you posted. With so much to keep you busy during the day alongside a legendary nightlife that will be discussed further in part two; Seoul is undeniably my kind of city.

Thanks for reading,
Edward Mulvagh