Last weekend, while I was driving to Nakhon Pathom province for some business, I saw a road sign of Don Wai market, which is locally known for delicious Thai food.  Since I had plenty of time, with no hesitation, I just followed the sign to the market.

Actually, it is an old market, dating back to the early 19th century. Located on the riverbank of  the Tha Chin River, the market is not only popular among the locals but also Bangkokians who want to buy fresh produce directly from the farmers.  There are also foods, plants and orchids for sales, too.

Orchids and other plants for sales at Don Wai Market, Nakornpathom

Orchids and other plants for sales at Don Wai Market, Nakhon Pathom

The market is open daily form 6 am to 6 pm. The most popular section of the market is the food and sweets section. I recommend anyone, who visits the market, to try Thai toddy palm steamed cake or ‘Khanom Tal’. It is made from toddy palm husk and rice flour. The cake is freshly made at the vendor’s stall.

Shop till you drop at Don Wai Market, Nakornpathom

Shop till you drop at Don Wai Market, Nakornpathom

Another section of the market stretches along the riverbank to Wat Don Wai.  It has a variety of goods, including fresh fruits, vegetables, snacks, plants, flowers, etc.  The goods here are reasonably priced and good quality. So I wasn’t surprised when I saw people holding shopping bags full of the goodies.

Talaad Sukjai - farmers' market next to Sampran Riverside, Nakornpathom

Talaad Sukjai – farmers’ market next to Sampran Riverside resort, Nakhon Pathom

After wandering  around the market for awhile, I continued my ride to Nakhon Pathom via Sam Pran District.  Out to the main Petchkasem Road, my eyes, again, caught a sign of another market located on the Petchkasem Road next to the Sam Pran Riverside resort.  Talaad SukJai (Happy Mind Market in Thai) is a lovely farmers’ market. It is part of the cooperation between Sampran Riverside resort and a local community to support the farmers in the area to sell their farm products, especially for those who do organic farming.  Some products are also from an organic garden of the resort.

Nature friendly shopping basket at Talaad Sukjai

Environmental friendly shopping basket at Talaad Sukjai

The first thing you would see as you enter the market is a row of shopping baskets made from bamboo.  I loved the idea! You can use the basket to carry your goodies while shopping here (don’t forget to return it to the rack).  The goods sold here are mostly organic produce such as eggs,  vegetables and a variety of organic brown rice.  The goods here are a bit more expensive than the ones at Don Wai but still cheaper than those in the supermarkets in Bangkok. They are fair trade goods. That means you buy directly from the farmers.

products from organic farms are selling here at Talaad Sukjai

products from organic farms are selling here at Talaad Sukjai

Besides the farm products, ready-made foods and sweets are available.  The market opens only on the weekends from 10 am to 5 pm.  If you come to this area or take Petchkasem Road from Bangkok to Nakhon Pathom, it is recommended to stop here.  You’ll love this market like I do.