Singapore is a wonderful weekend city. It’s small, efficient, and clean. The people are nice, and in the inner city they are looking good and feeling good. Well… most of them are rich so that helps with the looking good feeling good thing. And most of them party hard. Drinks at noon? VIP at the club later? That’s everyday life here.  Singapore is a rapidly rising city. The city itself is small; but the impact it is having on Southeast Asia is colossal. It is Southeast Asia’s financial capital, home to one of the most successful casinos on the planet and to top it off; they actually beat the shit out of their citizens with a wet cane when they misbehave. Singapore is for real.

What do you think about when you hear the word Singapore? A friend of mine moved there a few years back so I’ve visited a few times. First thing to come to my mind is expensive. The Sydney Morning Herald ranks it the 6th most expensive city on the planet. Clean is another word that comes to mind. One Singaporean expat told me he got a $413 fine for throwing a cigarette but on the ground. No wonder the city is clean; I would rather eat a cigarette then pay $413 to a cop. Some people think of Marina Bay Casino; one of the finest casinos ever build and the latest addition to the ever changing Singaporean skyline. But one thing not to be over looked in Singapore is one of the cheapest attractions in the world.

Yeah you read that right, the cheapest attraction in the world. It’s free. And it’s wonderful. It’s half walking tour, half scavenger hunt. And no I’m not referring to “4 floors of whores”; that’s a different article altogether.

Singapore is a walking museum in itself. Unique and interesting statues are all around the city; some hidden, some in plain view. They range from children jumping in the river to a big fat bird (Singapore’s version of the Bull on Wall Street). They are wonderful to see, take photos of, and to search for. While searching, I got to see the whole downtown area; Clark Quay, Boat Quay, Orchard Road etc. If you get a bit lost or can’t locate a particular statue don’t be shy to ask, everyone in Singapore speaks English.

For a city that is synonymous with efficiency and attracting tourists; it’s no wonder they offer a brilliant museum throughout the city. But the splendid statues aren’t all that Singapore has to offer of course. The Botanic Gardens are breathtaking. The Ritz-Carlton doubles as a unique art museum holding works by Andy Warhol. The Zoo is top notch and more fun for the kids then Universal Studios…well….maybe that’s a stretch. Singapore has some of the best night life in Asia as well, Zouk is a must see.

Just remember that Singapore is small. You can do everything in a weekend….well…make it a long weekend.

Thanks for reading.

Edward Mulvagh

Photos provided by H G M via Flickr