Khum_Lanna_cooking_class_1Thai Food has become popular internationally for many years. Its distinct flavours have gained its own identity. We begin to see an incorporation of Thai flavours in western cuisines. Nowadays, some restaurants may serve you steak and seafood dishes with Thai peanut sauce or Thai spicy salads as a side dish.

As people grow accustomed to Thai flavours, many are trying to make it to their own taste. Like cooking any cuisine, one must understand the ingredients when cooking Thai food. Understanding how the taste should be and how it evolves as you cook and how to prepare them are essential to the dish.

At Khum Lanna, we have recently created culinary & wellness programs that focuses on cooking Thai dishes in a simple way so that you can make it by yourself at home in your country. We realize that the most important knowledge about Thai cooking is knowing the herbs and spices. You will also learn about their health benefits, flavours and the right quantity to use in different dishes. Like any cuisine, we have warm or soul food, which is stews and curries. We have light and fresh foods, which are salads and steam dishes. Our hearty food can be roasted, grilled and bamboo baked. They are easy to make and can easily be adapted to your kitchen. It’s all in the experience, the understanding and the execution. The Thai dishes that we teach in the cooking class come from the central and northern regions of Thailand. We have created our 2 and 3 night Wellness Experience programs at Khum Lanna with this very thought in mind and we are very excited to share them with our guests.


To prove that cooking Thai food can be done easily in any proper kitchen anywhere, I decided to make Khao Soy (egg noodle in creamy curry) and Thai grilled beef salad while I am travelling in America. Hosting dinner for 6 people, I thought these traditional dishes should be easy to make and enjoyable for everyone. All of the ingredients used were found in Asian grocery stores, which are available in many cities. If one understands the timing, the heat and what the taste should be like, the execution is fairly simple.

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It is wonderful to travel and experience local flavours but it is even better to experience it through a cooking class with a local chef. These classes are fun, memorable and you learn something about the culture and the food. I had a cooking class in downtown Manhattan last week at a pizza school called Pizza A Casa. I learned so much about making thin crust pizza from scratch and the life style of the people there. It’s all about experiencing the aroma and the taste of the food as you are cooking. Learning how to make Pizza and adapt Thai flavours to it was really enjoyable and fun. There are techniques and secrets, which you can only pick up in the cooking class.


Culinary tours have been around for a long time. Incorporating a short cooking class in your itinerary can make your holiday much more enjoyable.

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