When it comes to attractions in Bangkok, most will resort to mention the Grand Palace, Wat Poh and other temples, while for the more commercially interested, shopping and nightlife will be the part to mention.

A new or newer attraction that greatly combines both the commercial and a more aesthetic experience is Asiatique, located on Charoen Krung Rd.

Let it be said at once: here are no temples, but on the other hand, it’s an essential part of the “Old Bangkok”- story, here lovingly been revamped and the old buildings, which in former times housed The East Asiatic Company’s activities in Thailand, is again brought to life. It now houses a wealth of souvenir shops, restaurants and outlets of all kinds. It has been well received by both Bangkok residents and foreign tourists. A visit also shows that Bangkok residents have taken the attraction to heart and, on any day you visit, thousands of locals will be flocking to the area.

What makes Asiatique such a unique place is that the old factories and buildings are beautifully restored and are in even better condition than when they originally were in use. Now they house a number of restaurants and outlets and also no less than probably a few hundred small stalls, selling everything your heart desires.

@Asiatique Bangkok

What helps to make the attraction completely unique is a long waterfront walkway along the Chao Phraya River. In comfort, without having to worry about the otherwise omnipresent traffic, visitors can stand and enjoy the mighty Chao Praya river with a clear view for miles on each side.

ASIATIQUE can be reached by car or Taxi via Charoen Krung Rd., or by BTS getting off at Taksin Bridge Station and continue by the free shuttle boats service. 


The author of this article, Soeren Wettendorf, is the Director of Sales for Asian Oasis- Mystical Journeys and lives in Thailand for over 20 years.