There has been a lot of progress made with the Himmapaan project in the last few days. I was able to speak with Rachet, Vice President of the Himmapaan Foundation, about the design that was created for the Information Sala. The new information center of the Foundation will be located next to the plant nursery near Lisu Lodge. Rachet really enjoyed various aspects of the two designs that were proposed.

If the interior design is approved, the Information Sala will have four walls made of bamboo complete with windows and panels with information regarding the carbon disclosure effect from restoration, as well as general information panels on the restoration project. In the center of the room will be a table with baskets for the various seeds of the trees planted by the Himmapaan Foundation that visitors can touch and feel. The table will most likely be surrounded by more panels with information on the seeds on the table. We suggest that the panels are hung from the ceiling in a circle shape to create a wall with the signs, rather than physically building a walled room. This is a new and interesting take on an information center!

There will also be more interactive elements as mentioned in my last article. This includes an exhibition of various types of soils, common species of rice that Thailand grows and the specific type grown in the rice fields at Lisu Lodge. There will be a lot for guests to encounter when they visit the sala (the information center).  Above the information sala will be a rice barn where many bags of rice will be stored. This is not only a practical use for storage, but also will be an additional feature that guests will be able to see. It is an interesting aspect to add to the project because Lisu Lodge guests can see the whole process of rice farming from the beginning to the end (when the rice from the barn is cooked and served to the guests. I just finished the design of the layout of the Sala and will present it to the Lodge’s management soon.

While this is very exciting progress for the project, it’s still important to take it step by step. And that means transferring the nursery from down the road in Mae Tang to the Lisu Lodge. This is the week that Khun Rachet, myself, and my fellow intern Zack Meher will be accomplishing this stage in the project. The young plants from the nursery will be stored at the Lisu Lodge and taken care of where they will have plenty of sunlight and shade when needed, clean water, and a flat ground to grow. As I have never participated  in a tree nursery transfer, this will definitely be a new experience to get involved. I’m excited to see what this week will bring!