My dear readers, it is time to say “Goodbye” as this is my last article for the blog. I was thinking for some time what I can delight you with on my way out and I came up with this.

Enjoy Thailand!

Enjoy traveling the country that surely can be described as a “land of endless opportunities”, when it comes to a satisfying holiday experience.

Don’t feel bad about it if you come here for the notorious nightlife. Many places around the world are beautiful and interesting but only known for the “party” aspect of holidays – Mallorca, Punta Cana, Ibiza to name but a few. If that is your kind of holiday, you earned, you pay for it, then, go for it!

(I personally think, you are missing out…but that is just me!)

If you come here – most and foremost – for the beaches…that is fine, too!

I personally think there are little things more relaxing than reading a book or watching a sunset on the waves or having a massage or a cold beer with the sound of the surf and the wind in the palm trees as a natural background music.

Amazing beaches

And if you are into history and culture and the temples- good for you!

This is your way of experiencing and relaxing and it is good- it is not better or worse than any other way of making a holiday!

If you want to be a responsible traveler, there are things you can do to do your part in protecting the environment.

-      Say “mai pen rai”, when they want to put even ice cream cones in plastic bags or give you a straw or a spoon with every drink or joghurt you buy at a convenience store. If you go shopping in a supermarket, bring a bag. You will help to reduce garbage.

-      Take a close look at animal shows, zoos or elephant rides…and if you think that things are not done responsibly and the animals are not treated in an appropriate manner…walk away! It is better to lose a few Baht (Dollar, Euro) than being part of animal torture.

-      Just try to engage your brain in a normal manner. Reduce waste, save energy, take hotels up on their words when they offer you to NOT change your towel on a daily basis.

Amazing temples

-      Read a guide book before you come to Thailand. Don’t brag about it but know where they gloss over their history to make it nicer than it is. Be critical and observe and don’t take everything for gospel that you are being told.

-      …and if you have the chance, pick a tour operator which at least TRIES to do the right thing.

Especially with my last advice, you are in good hands with Asian Oasis and I am saying this with my deepest conviction. These guys try (and often succeed) in bringing you the exciting product, that is “Thailand”, in a way it should be – connecting with local communities, eyeing culture and environment and with a range of excellent, exciting and entertaining products.

I want to thank Asian Oasis for the chance to entertain and inform you during the last 12 months. I hope you took some valuable thoughts or had a little chuckle, here and there?!

I wish you exciting and entertaining days in the Kingdom of Thailand – you choose well!

This is my home for the last 6 1/2 years. I love it even though it may not be paradise like some people want to make you believe, it sure isn’t hell either, like some others say!


Natural wonders

…and with this, I bid you “Adieu”!

Yours sincerely

Nils Karczewski