Written by: Amy Sztupovszky

Amy is an unschooling mother of two on a Worldschool Adventure.  She and her family travel for six months a year, using travel as a way to help to educate their children.  Traveling slow with the little ones in tow, letting the world be their teacher!  Follow their adventures at worldschooladventures.com.


Our love of Thailand began in 2004 when my husband and I backpacked around South East Asia.  We knew then that one day once we had children we would return to Thailand as a family.  We now have two beautiful boys and are fulfilling our dream of returning to Thailand with our children.  Our family has been traveling in Thailand for over three months now and we plan to spend even more time in this beautiful country as we slowly explore and learn about this part of the world.

Our time in Thailand has been filled with fun, learning, bonding, and experiencing all that family travel in Thailand has to offer.  We believe that Thailand is one of the best places for family travel and here is why……

The Friendliness of Thais

They call Thailand The Land of Smiles for a reason and there will be even more smiles for those that are traveling with children.  Thailand has been a joy to travel in for our family.  From our first day of arrival the Thai people have greeted us with enthusiasm. Our two young boys attract a lot of attention, but not in a negative way.  They have been touched on the face and head in gentle caresses, picked up and carried by staff in restaurants, they have received so many little gifts from small toys to fruits to candies, and have had their pictures taken more than a few times.  It is like traveling with little rock stars!

Families are Respected

Traveling with children in Thailand seems to give us a little bit of extra respect as the Thai people cherish children and view the family unit as sacred.  Locals have gone out of their way to help us when we appear lost or confused, have approached us to ask us about our family, and have greeted us everywhere we go with huge smiles.

Families Can Travel Inexpensively

As a whole Thailand is a cheap place to travel by Western standards and families can enjoy a great deal of comfort while staying on a budget.  Children are almost always free when taking songteows (pick-up trucks with bench seating in the back, a popular form of public transportation) and hotel rooms are usually very accommodating in making sure there is enough sleeping space without adding an extra charge.

Public Transport is Easy

Travel within Thailand is relatively easy for a family.  There are budget airlines that can get you to your destination quickly andtrain and bus travel is straightforward and inexpensive.  Within the cities there are songteows, tuk-tuks, and taxis that are never hard to find and as long as you are practicing your bargaining skills transport within the cities need not be expensive.

Thailand’s Good Health Care System

The health care system in Thailand is very good with many hospitals of international standards.  Finding excellent medical care for your family if something goes wrong is easy, which makes traveling a lot less stressful for us worried moms!

The Learning Opportunities

Thailand is rich in learning opportunities, which is a major plus in our family!  From the cultural richness in the North to the stunning beaches in the South, Thailand will not disappoint.  A trip through Thailand will have your children discussing and learning about Buddhism, Thai history, ancient ruins, hill tribes, Asian plants and animals, the environment, Thai food and culture, marine life, and many, many more subjects.  Travel educates anyone with enough adventurous spirit to undertake the journey and children soak up all of the natural learning that travel provides like sponges.

If you are contemplating a trip to Asia with your family I highly recommend you visit Thailand, you will not be disappointed!