Thinking of going on holiday to Thailand? Working out when the weather will be the nicest is an obvious consideration we make when planning a vacation. In this blog, we hope to help you determine when the best time for you might be to visit our country.

Thailand can be broadly defined as having a tropical climate, with temperatures across the country varying little throughout the year, hovering around 30 decrees Celsius. While we enjoy warmth and sunshine year round, there is a general divide in weather patterns between the north and the south of the country.

The climate in the north has three seasons, with the dry season falling between November and May- which is then itself divided into two seasons. From March to May we have the hot season characterized by some of our warmest temperatures. From May to November we experience lots of monsoon rains.

The climate in the south has two seasons, though these can arrive at different times in the east and west. The rainy season on the east coast lasts from September to December, in contrast with the West coast, where it occurs from April to October. Outside of these periods is considered the dry season.

Considering these climate patterns, when is the best time to visit Thailand? In terms of weather, the best time to travel is usually between November and February, simply because the weather across most of the country is fairly dry and the heat isn’t too oppressive. This time period is also known as the country’s high season in terms of tourism.

If you want to avoid the crowds, you’re best off travelling between April and June or from September to October. During these times the weather is generally more humid and rainy, which also means you can find great deals on accommodation.

As a general rule of thumb, the rainy season lasts from July to October but varies from region to region. In the South-east region, you can expect rains from September to December, and in the South-west coast, from April to October. Despite this, travelling during the rainy season has several advantages, and you are still likely to find many days of sunshine come your way!

Since most of our beaches are in the South of the country, your trip should be planned based on southern climate patterns if you plan to spend time in this region. You should steer clear of the rainy season if you have sunbathing in mind. Visits to Phuket or on the June Bahtra are best between December and March.